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Hinata Foursome

3 January 2022
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  • StrikingLee94: you're welcome! there's this model https://www.deviantart.com/fr3ddy-boyx/art/Adult-Hinata-843367805 but have no idea if that woulds work most of the stuff i know of is xnalara amd sfm stuff idk if they can be converted.
    4 Jan 2022 01:30
  • dexxxman: Truly appreciate the feedback. This was done using Maya with some very basic models, which I agree could use a whole lot of improvement. Will work on making better ones, and am very much open to using the kind of models that you like.
    4 Jan 2022 00:32
  • StrikingLee94: can i ask what program do you use? because i am familiar with some different modesl you could use. i like your amations however i think the models being used aren't that good. i mean no disrespect especially if your the author of said models i am just tring to provide constructive criticism. good work otherwise. have a good year!
    3 Jan 2022 16:12