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"Guren-sama Let Me Deal Only With Good Girls"

Characters: Hinata Hyuga, Yukimaru,

Tags: Yukimaru, Hinata Hyuga, Artist, Darwin, Naruto, Hardcore, Pixxx, Hentai,

29 June 2013
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  • Cynical: I'm astonished that people paid good money for this.
    9 Jul 2013 05:12
  • rkopre: wow Hinata is even uglier than usual, what a gifted artist
    2 Jul 2013 17:06
  • Klutz: Hey HentaiKey, I beg of you to please replace Nabe with Darwin or somebody else who can do a better job at drawing Fairy tail hentai. Nabe hasn't been delivering quality drawings at all so far and ignores any kind of criticism that could help him improve but never listens.
    1 Jul 2013 17:59
  • HentaiKey: Hi, Robert just came back after a serious illness and we are having darwin draw to make up for rex lack of updates, give him a chance he will improve in quality just like rex did. this way you will at least get daily updates and that is more important to us as well, rex is a great artist but he is unreliable.
    1 Jul 2013 14:43
  • Joe Grizzly: Calm your tits, it's not rex' work, dumbass
    1 Jul 2013 12:16
  • Joe Grizzly: You are Darwin, aren't ya? Come on tell us the truth
    1 Jul 2013 12:13
  • Cheps: Wow
    30 Jun 2013 20:05
  • The Moderator: his body is not through the desk, as you can see base on the perspective of the desk, he is at the other end of the desk not THROUGH the desk and if you will enlarge the pic, you will notice Hinata's other leg right behind Yukimaru's head. Their bodies are like that because it is requested by a member, give a ridiculous reference and you'll see a ridiculous picture. I am just wondering people, do you masturbate while thinking of Rex or while thinking of your favorite characters? And how...
    many animators had caused ridiculous poses and faces you never notice because all you want is to masturbate? Why can't we give the artist a chance?
    30 Jun 2013 10:02
  • Mystogan: Plz no more get this artist out of here.
    30 Jun 2013 10:01
  • jackson: pls dont let darwin invade narutopixxx his drawing sucks and not looking alike to the original cuts down alot of fun seriously
    30 Jun 2013 09:16
  • Scarlet: What the fuck is wrong with her face? And how the fuck is he doing that, his body must be through the desk, or her leg stretched to an ridiculous extent.
    30 Jun 2013 08:44
  • julio jesus: Quiero que saquen la imagen de scorpion de mk9 x konan porfavor
    30 Jun 2013 04:09
  • SweetBlow: Pretty good pic although his body must go right through the desk :D I really like the background, his facial expression and the point of view. Though I don't like the light setting: reminds me of Ellery's pics too much Darwin. I mean the top layer that Ellery uses in nearly all pics: bottom pic is darker than the rest no matter what kind of pic it is. Same with “Horny Hotties” or “My Duty Is To Protect Civilians” you posted recently. I recommand not copying it since it's the thing I hate the mos...
    the most. Just my opinion! Your pics would be more appealing.
    30 Jun 2013 01:16
  • julio: me gusta narutopixxx pero quisiera que subieran una imagen de konan x scorpion de mortal kombat 9 por favor se los agradecería mucho
    29 Jun 2013 23:51
  • Hydrogen: Well, I guess Rex doesn't have to redo this picture. Good work Darwin, you're getting better. Though Rex is still better. :P Btw, why is the "Requested by..." again in the description? Don't get me wrong, I prefer it that way. But in the last pictures it was always in the title.
    29 Jun 2013 21:07
  • julia34: Yukimaru and hinata...never think about it...konohamaru is hot ninja to make a combination with her...sexy pic!!!
    29 Jun 2013 19:59
  • minato104: the angle and shape of her head look a little weird . Rex needs to let us know what's going on with this site because art like this is not worth 30 bucks a month
    29 Jun 2013 19:52
  • fgthf: shitty artist
    29 Jun 2013 19:24
  • Sayian: behind his head
    29 Jun 2013 19:19
  • InsertGayNameHere: Not hating on Darwin or anything, but requests should be drawn by Rex, and regular art be drawn by Darwin?
    29 Jun 2013 19:08
  • pink kitten: why is there two artists on here now? what is going on?
    29 Jun 2013 18:40
  • glamorus: Not bad as for Darwin where are disappeared Hinata's second leg?
    29 Jun 2013 18:20
  • Hinata: OMG..... best day of my life! thank you so much, keep up the good work rex!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:P i just orgasim twice.:P
    29 Jun 2013 18:16