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[2141] My Young Wife Pt.2

Characters: Hinata Hyuga, Naruto Uzumaki,

Tags: Hinatapixxx, Hentaikey, Rex,

22 October 2018
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  • Ganibal: Rex please draw less of her because I complains but don't do request of this guy because he'll be complains - that's I call a perfect example of the double standarts Another example - enough previleges for Hinata because I want more previleges for Sakura because requests for her is a matter while everything else should stay away. By the way you play game against yourself: Sakura got one Halloween request to Joe but wouldn't pay attention to this guy because Joe is more the writter than artist...
    lately and talking more than drawing. and 4 Halloween requests to Rex; 2 from dokuu1 and he already got one, one from SoRaNoWoTo and one is mine. So if you want more Halloween requests for your heroine then asking Rex to ignore my idea is not good for you at all. By the way do you wanna know how many Halloween requests got at the suggestion box? 2 to Joe but it's doesn't matter and 10 to Rex but don't worry Rex will be ignore all them because you did asked him' Oh wait a minute, I started another a two-way system game thanks to you because if Rex will be ignore all Halloween ideas for Hinata that will be looks like he did it for you
    23 Oct 2018 18:30
  • Horasse: You comply to a user complaining about Halloween pictures. But the heroine only got two most recent pictures (aside from the one posted today) - four in the past three months. The character for this blog alone has seven. You post one of the heroine in Halloween but that's what the guy complaining in the main blog's comment section was forcing you to do. He (the complainant) was riling everyone up and making deals to users in the comments about what do the fans want for the heroine in Halloween a...
    nd something like "I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse. I start to thinking of Halloween request for your beloved...": you did not do his request but he made a two-way system so that if you do his or anyone else's request featuring the heroine in Halloween, he will say "See, Rex does this and that", and if you don't, he will still complain and find a way to complain.
    22 Oct 2018 21:38
  • Horasse: The image turned out nice. No offence, Rex, but she has been getting so much images recently. She has gotten 16+ (a definite 16 to say the least) images within the last three months. I know users have spammed requests of her but that doesn't mean you have to continuously do ones of her. Even having a blog dedicated to her shouldn't be; I know many don't like her but still, if you haven't made so much of her then people would not have complained consistently. This privilege given to her should st...
    op. It's like you have discovered a love for her.
    22 Oct 2018 21:29