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Hinata's Weekend at Kumo

By Request from kumekazu: Like this:https://img2.gelbooru.com/images/c3/66/c366c46bf82a029a41474fa642ee6bfe.jpg Change the woman to Hinata(milf from Boruto series) and the two guys to Darui(Raikage from Boruto series) and Omoi(Boruto series version), make Hinata smiling.

Characters: Hinata Uzumaki, Darui, Omoi,

Tags: Hinata Uzumaki, Darui, Omoi,

29 November 2020
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  • EliteXeos: Yikes
    7 Dec 2020 07:49
  • kumekazu: Wow, this one is really well made, thanks Shiva.
    30 Nov 2020 02:04