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Raikage’s Beach day Fun

By Request from ArchRogue: Hey shiva was hoping you could do shippuden hinata like this https://hinatapixxx.hentaikey.com/artist/14/post/hinata-with-raikage give her red finger and toe nails , red lipstick and give her a look of disgusted lust and please have her wearing something similar to these sandals https://www.shiekh.com/fashion/fd-judith-s-black-pu.html , give her an ankle bracelet and necklace of your choice and please have the setting be an outdoor beach setting. Please have them both fully naked and have raikage wearing a torn condom. Please have it so he is cumming alot. Please if you could have black kiss marks around hinata's leg leading around her pussy and raikages penis, and would it be possible to have more naruto girls in the background looking at them (1 or 2 is fine all naked with sandals) What ever girls you choose is up to you. Or have shippuden sakura tongue kissing raikage. Make it look sticky and sloppy around the raikage's Penis. Thanks for for all your work Shiva.

Characters: Hinata Hyuga, Raikage (A),

Tags: Hinata Hyuga, Raikage (A), Creampie, Riding,

15 February 2024
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  • ArchRogue: Thank you Shiva
    15 Feb 2024 21:29