Mommy Hinata's Naughty Adventures

Hi Shiva, could you do a colored version of this reference please, thank you! :)


Artist : Shiva

By Request: Blueknight92

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  • Blueknight92: The new link will now just be about changing Sakura to Hinata. Keep her breasts the same. The guys you can leave the same or change the skin tones if you like. Sorry about the other links not working Shiva.
    4 Nov 2022 21:21
  • Blueknight92: This one for sure should work Shiva :)
    4 Nov 2022 20:58
  • Shiva: (We can’t connect to the server at send new link, thanks
    4 Nov 2022 20:20
  • Blueknight92: Oh and can you also keep her breasts the same size as the new reference please. I kind of want it to match how she looks im the Boruto anime now. Thanks again Shiva!
    2 Nov 2022 14:17
  • Blueknight92: Maybe this one instead, and if you can make the guy Kakashi instead :) Thank you!
    2 Nov 2022 13:56
  • Shiva: send new link, thank you.
    30 Oct 2022 17:32